let’s try to make this shorter – i present, the pilot episode in one minute, or if you are really good – 30 seconds:

Girl meets Boy.
Girl smitten by Boy outside Boy’s Loo.
Boy smitten by Girl inside classroom.
Crow appears several time, must be significant.
Fog appears several time, usually with the crow.
“It’s the fog it’s making me foggy”
Boy meets Girl in cemetery, Girl has a bloody cut.
Boy “freaks” and “disappears”.
Boy has a photo of someone who looks like Girl – dated 1864. Creepy.
Boy and Girl go to high school illegal bonfire party.
They flirt.
Girl’s friend is really psychic – more crows.
They converse – more teen angst.
Girl’s friend almost killed by a vampire.
Boy “freaks” and “disappears”.
Girl’s friend’s brother (whose also Girl’s ex) is suspicious.
Boy has an evil brother!
Evil brother and boy fight! (WHAT NO FANGS WTF FAIL!)
Evil brother flirts with Girl’s jealous friend.
Cue Girl and Boy separately writing diaries – OH I GET IT NOW.
Boy finds Girl, they flirt some more.
Girl invites Boy in.