“Their show premiered yesterday and they’re already in trouble?!

Several actresses from The Vampire Diaries and an accompanying photographer were booked for disorderly conduct last week for participating in a photo shoot that included hanging over the I-75 bridge at Rumble Road in Smarr, Georgia.

They were detained while authorities responded to the 911 calls of seven different motorists citing women in danger. Yet, one caller claims the ladies were flashing traffic down below!

Those callers wouldn’t know a little CW fun if a tittay smacked them in the face!

Nina Dobreva, Candice Accola, Kayla Ewell, Krystal Vayda, Sara Canning and photog Tyler Shields were released from the Monroe County Jail the same day after each paying $1,000 bond.

On another note, an employee of the BP Food Mart nearby said the group came by and took some “fun kind of pictures” while straddling his store’s gas pumps.

The epitome of clASS!” – Perez.